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Jornada de Ensino de Língua Inglesa

Novos Letramentos e Avaliação: Desafios Contemporâneos
no Ensino e Aprendizagem de Inglês

May 20 and 21, 2011
São Bernardo do Campo/SP
Universidade Metodista, Campus Rudge Ramos


APLIESP - São Paulo State English Language Teachers Association—is proud to announce its XXVII JELI, which will be held on May 20 and 21, at Universidade Metodista, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). Please send in your proposal for workshops, class demonstrations, papers and poster sessions today! The deadline is April 18. We invite you to be there and help us make it an excellent event for teachers of English who seek professional development. Email your proposal to: Only applicants who are members of the association are eligible to present papers.
To enroll for APLIESP XXVII JELI, visit our web site:

Guidelines for Presenters


Facilitator briefly presents/discusses a theme (about a third of total time) and involves participants in practical activities. In this type of presentation, reading aloud is not permitted.
90 minutes (single session)


Three facilitators speak, each at his or her turn, about three different aspects of a same topic. In this type of presentation, reading aloud is not permitted. If applicants wish to organize their own symposium, please invite two other colleagues (preferably from two different institutions) and send only one proposal with all three names and only ONE summary, comprising the three talks.
90 minutes (-minute sessions plus -minute breaks for questions)


Facilitator speaks about a topic. It is NOT permitted to read aloud in this kind of presentation.
30 minutes (20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions.)
Facilitator briefly explains the activity contents, objective and dynamics (no more than five minutes) and has about 20 minutes to apply it to either all or a group of participants (while the other participants observe and make notes). At the end of the presentation, about five minutes are allotted for questions. Facilitators CANNOT read their notes aloud in this kind of presentation.
30 minutes (single session)
Facilitator answers participants’ questions about poster contents. Standardized size: 80 cm X 100 cm.
It varies from event to event, but it usually lasts, at least, 30 minutes

Call for Papers: Form and Instructions

Below we present what each field of the form should contain. Use the form below to write up your proposal and sent it in a separate file to Such file should be saved with the last name of the author followed by his/her first name separated by a comma. For example: SILVA, Ana

Presenter’s full name (or all presenters’ full name if there is more than one).
Presenter’s email address (or all presenters’ email addresses if there is more than one)
Name and email for contact:
Please supply name and one last name of person in charge of representing the group of presenters. If there is only one presenter, please repeat information from Name and Email address boxes. If you feel it is necessary, please also leave a phone number (+ area code). APLIESP committee will exclusively reply to the person/address in this box.
Teacher, Consultant, Researcher, Undergrad, Grad student, Graduate, M.A., or Ph.D. Please specify your title (plus issuing university). EG. M.A. in Linguistics from UNIVILLE, Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Name and email address (or complete address) of the institution you work for. If you are self-employed, please write the word “OWN”.
Type of presentation:
Choose and mark the correct kind of presentation with an X.
(     ) Workshop
(     ) Symposium
(     ) Paper
(     ) Class Demonstration
(     ) Poster
If you wish to engage in a joint presentation (that is, two or more facilitators present one same single session of 30 minutes, for example), please bear in mind that the time will be shared among presenters. For instance, in a joint presentation with four facilitators, each presenter would have approximately five minutes to share his or her ideas. Joint presentations are a strategic option for those who have worked together on a project, those who would like to present together with their university advisors or even those who feel stage fright.
For joint presentations, please list all names in the first box and all email addresses in the second box of the proposal form.
Commercial presentation:
Please check the correct option with an X.
(     ) Yes
(     ) No
Commercial presentations are any type of presentation based on only one reference source or which promotes a particular book or any other particular supplementary material. Please also name the material(s) you will advertize.
Title of presentation:
(maximum of 11 words)
Use NO more than eleven words. Hyphenated words will be counted separately. The title must clearly reflect the contents and objective of the presentation. Example: Preparing and applying cross-curricular activities. (Six words.)
Mark the appropriate option with an X.
(     ) OHP
(     ) data show
(     ) other. Please specify:
Other kinds of equipment must be specified. APLIESP does NOT guarantee supply of any equipment other than OHP. Applicants must contact APLIESP to confirm whether using any other piece of equipment may be possible, even when applicants are willing to bring their own items of equipment.
Maximum number of participants
(only eligible for mini-courses and workshops):

Check the right option with an X.
(     ) 25
(     ) 30
(     ) Open
The option “Open” means the number of participants will depend on room size.
ATTENTION: Symposia, Class demonstrations, papers and poster sessions are automatically classified as “open” presentations. Only workshop facilitators may choose a specific number of participants for their presentations. If this box in the form is left blank, it will be understood as an “open” presentation.
SUMMARY: Show the committee the detailed contents of the presentation as well as its organization and dynamics. Take these aspects into account:
§  It must be about 180-200 words long.
§  It must be typed in 1,5 space.
§  Hyphenated words will be counted separately.
§  This summary will be published in the program, provided that the presentation is approved.
§  This section will be evaluated for clear mastery of content and theory background.
§  It must clearly display the detailed contents of the presentation, the targeted objectives and the concepts/results which will be conveyed. It must also detail the facilitator’s steps during the presentation.
§  It must be appealing to your target audience.


§  Once their work is accepted, all applicants will be required to send a copy of their enrollment slip so that their presentation can be included in the event program. APLIESP will only accept presentations by applicants who have confirmed full participation in the event.
§  All proposals will be replied to with a message of acceptance/no acceptance in due time.

São Paulo State English Language Teachers Association is proud to announce its XXVII JELI – Novos Letramentos e Avaliação: Desafios Contemporâneos no Ensino e Aprendizagem de Inglês, which Will be held on May 20 and 21, at Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). See the chart below with all the information:

XXVII JELINovos Letramentos e Avaliação:
Desafios Contemporâneos no Ensino e Aprendizagem de Inglês

Dates: May 20th and 21st
Proposals (deadline): April 18th
Registration:   > with deposit in banking account of APLIESP, sending the receipt by email:
Banco Bradesco, ag 0148, cc 127461-9
CNPJ 54.529.268/0001-44
> from March 21, you can do it through the website
§ Associated: R$ 50,00
§ Not associated: R$ 70,00
§ Undergraduate students: R$ 35,00
(enrolment confirmation is required)
§ For each group of 20 undergraduate students enrolled, it is granted a free registration. In this case, please contact us:

Universidade Metodista de São Paulo
Campus Rudge Ramos
Rua Alfeu Tavares, 149
Rudge Ramos - São Bernardo do Campo - SP
CEP: 09641-000
Telefone: (11) 2464-2222 (Grande São Paulo). Para outras localidades: 0800 889 2222